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Mercedes benz

fashion week

We blew up the podium of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

From October 15 - 19, one of the most prestigious events in the fashion industry was held - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-2019.
More than a hundred designers from Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Spain, China, Russia, France and other countries demonstrated spring-summer collections at the fashion week.
The KATERINA KOSHKINA WONDERLAND (Wonderland) show also took viewers into the space Odyssey of the future. Sparkling glitter, metallic fabrics, leather, latex. They only became a canvas for the author.
Jewelry is the work of a talented Belarusian ceramist Olga Anashkina, brand BARBARELLA.
The spirit of the collection was largely in accessories - chains decorated with porcelain details, hats, belts, huge futuristic earrings, masks with a reference to the philosophy of Tim Burton.
The collections touched upon the topics of ecology, the erasure of age and gender inequalities, the problems of people living with alopecia.
In terms of design, there is no less creativity - the use of star dust, upcycling, future technologies.
Olga Anashkina, Barbarella Brand
For many years, working with porcelain, I dreamed of bringing it out of its stagnant "sideboard" state to the podium.
At the same time, she began to make chain mail, using porcelain parts, not knowing where and who would demonstrate it. And dreams, coupled with activities, as you know, come true.
Then we met Katerina. She said that her collection was inspired by Tim Burton films, I said that my inspiration was porcelain and polymer clay. Then everyone took up what he can do best in life.
We did not invent meanings, did not look for explanations, but simply trusted each other's talent.
Earrings, necklaces and masks are made using a unique technique of combining porcelain and polymer clay. “I don't know any masters who have done this before. Thanks to the know-how, the scope for imagination simply had no limits”,
>20 jewelry
2 years
200 meters
Created within a few months
It took so long to create chain mail
Metallized thread was used to create chain mail
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