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our jewelry were chosen for exhibition

in diamond fund of russian federation
Наши украшения
в Алмазном Фонде РФ
At the exhibition we presented 4 works of biscuit porcelain. The process of creation of which is the result of long work, searches and experiments. Jewelry goes through three stages of firing in professional equipment and is painted with precious metals purchased in Europe by the gram.
More than 100 authors, among whom were both recognized masters and representatives of well-known jewelry industries, and novice authors, presented at the exhibition over 200 works in various fields - jewelry, weapons, enamel art, watchmaking, lacquer miniature, ceramics and porcelain, carving stone and bone.
The guests of the event were able to see unique works - some of them were exhibited for the first time, and the masters were happy to talk about the history of the creation of products.
The exhibition was timed to coincide with the release of the book-catalog by S.E. Kolomiytsev “The Best Artists of Russia. Decorative and applied arts 2018”.
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